Is your head in the cloud? Your data certainly should be.

What is the cloud? The cloud is a marketing term to represent data or services that exist outside of your office. Think of a website, or email, or pictures you have stored in dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. All of this information is stored on the internet and accessible from anywhere. It makes it easy to have that information available no matter where you are.

In the old days, remote users needed a direct/secure connection back to the office requiring expensive tools and infrastructure. As time went by, more and more data/information moved to the cloud. This made remote users more effective because they were able to seamlessly have access to data on the road with no need to have a connection back to the office. As this became more popular, business owners decided not to invest capital in expensive onsite equipment but instead invest in Cloud services.

CBTech Support evaluates its clients business and develops a strategy based on business goals to get the most out of the Cloud. Whether it’s moving a part of the business process to the Cloud or moving the entire technology operation to the Cloud. Our clients benefit in the following ways:

– better uptime on technology services

– higher business continuity rates

– better efficiency for mobile users

– revised accounting of technology expendure


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