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CBTech Tip: buying a computer for school

Can you believe it is almost time for school again?!?! Normally, schools require computers to complete classwork, homework, and research. With everyone attending school remotely to complete this past year, and the uncertainty surrounding in-person classes in the fall, a decent computer is necessary. When deciding to buy a new computer for school, or for […]

Buying A Computer For School

Mom, Dad, I need you to buy me a computer for school. What?! What happened to textbooks? Schools are requiring computers to complete classwork, homework, and research. We are often asked what computer is best for this purpose, so we decided to write about it. When deciding to buy a new computer for school, or […]

Low disk space – Performance factors

Did you know that the amount of free disk space on your hard drive can impact the operation of your computer? Over time, your hard drive will consume more and more disk space and eventually get to the point where it impacts your computer’s performance. Typically, this isn’t an issue unless you’re storing a lot […]

Is your computer running slow?

You buy a new computer and it’s lightning fast. You’re so excited and your productivity on the computer is allowing you to get things done fast. Over time your computer slows down. You are no longer as productive and you seem to need to wait for your computer to catch up to you. The slowness […]

Malware Targets Consumer Devices

Last month, a strain of malware was found to be infecting the devices that provide people with internet service, known as routers. It targeted mostly consumer devices made by companies like Cisco Linksys, Netgear, and TP-Link. Researchers found that it had the ability to spy on data passing through these devices, as well as the […]