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“About four years ago we expanded our business and needed to upgrade our systems to support that increase.  Over the next several months we hired and fired several ‘so called’ professionals.  Unsolved problems, unanswered phone calls, techs coming in and leaving things worse than when they came in.  It was a nightmare.
Then we met Dan and Marc from CBTech Support.  The past eighteen months have been a pleasure.  The response and the follow-up from these two has exceeded our experiences and even our expectations.  We highly recommend CBTech Support for your system needs.”

- Raymond Shute, DOT Compliance Services

“I'm so glad I found you, I would've tossed the computer out the window by now.”

- Michele Mancuso, TruCare Counseling Services

“Since bringing CBTech on board in 2016, our company has been able to devote additional time to running our business more efficiently while having the peace of mind to know that our IT operations are in good hands. We have found Marc and Dan to be highly reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable professionals for all computer-related matters. Not only can they be counted on to resolve software issues in a timely fashion, but they are also incredibly responsive, which is of utmost importance in today’s business environment. In summary, we enjoy working alongside CBTech and would highly recommend them to other small and mid-sized businesses in need of IT solutions.”

​- Clark McIntyer, Roger Mumford Homes

“When we first met with Dan and Marc to discuss our goals in switching IT vendors, we looked at three important items, these were:

Ø  Maintaining of a high level of performance from our network.

Ø  Improvement over previous vendor on addressing IT issues when they arise.

Ø  Obtaining a more competitive service, yet keeping the service "local".

I am pleased to say that CBTech Support has provided all of the above.   We are so busy with running our businesses that we need people, like Dan and Marc, with up to date experience to keep our systems uptime at a maximum level.  Thank you for your professional services.”

- Mark Curcio, Encur, Inc.

“We have been with CBTech Support from the very beginning and have been nothing but satisfied the entire time. They are always quick to resolve any problems we may be having, no matter how big or small, which is very important given the nature of today’s world. Having CBTech Support switch us over to a WorkEverywhere has allowed us to expand our business remotely, creating a more cohesive environment from top to bottom. Without hesitation I would recommend them to any other company looking for personalized and knowledgeable IT services.”

- Dan Pressl, The Furniture Xchange

“CBTech Support delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”

- Steve Simon, Cigar Stop

“We have been using CBTech Support for some time now and I am very happy with them. When I call, the phone is answered right away and I speak to a professional support technician who answers all my questions and takes care of the problem right away.  They support all of our security and installed new computers.”

- Beth Del Guercio, Keltom Gutter Services