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Let us introduce you to our proprietary product, Synergy ™. For a flat monthly fee, we use Cloud-Based technology to enable your team to work in an optimal environment, in and out of your office.

The Synergy ™ Basic Package Includes

Backup – No more accidentally deleting or overwriting a file. We can restore a file, folder, or even a full system.
Protection – when your system appears to be mysteriously slowing down, often undetected malware is to blame. CBTech Support’s intrusion protection insures this concern is a thing of the past. 
Automation –we will proactively take care of software updates, disk space and CPU usage messages, and more, in the background.  

The Synergy Plus Package Includes all tools in the Basic Package, and

Documents Everywhere –Team members working remotely, staff away at a conference, sales personnel out on the field can now get access to the most current version of every file.
Password Management – Our system will keep all passwords in compliance with your security policy, to make password management simple.
Regulatory Compliance – We hold a strategic planning session to create your security policy. We analyze what security practices are currently implemented, identify areas which need attention in a gap analysis report and will help you close that gap.

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