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MArc Pickard

Years of experience: over 17

Position: CEO/Senior Engineer

My first exposure to tech support was helping one of my high school teachers re-design the architecture class’s computer lab. It was in the days of 386’s and 486’s, and it was fun to figure out the hardware needs for the lab and put together something that met both the users’ requirements as well as the school’s budget. Getting to work on the finished products was fun too. 

My first official tech industry job started in 2004, where I was hired by a one-man computer repair business to help with his busy residential and small business clients. 

It was a great learning experience, and this is when I discovered that I loved helping people solve their computer problems. It also showed me how much I had to learn, and influenced my decision to take formal IT training 2 years later.

I love figuring out the best way to make technology help businesses. In the software and hardware world, there’s so much available today that it can be overwhelming for most non-tech experts understand the many choices and to figure out what to do. 

I like the puzzle aspect of figuring out which pieces fit best and where they should go.
I enjoy talking about security. Anyone unfamiliar with it thinks it’s a great big scary monster; but it’s not. There are some really simple, easy things a person can do to be secure in our online world. Once I explain away the mysteries in non-techie terms, it’s fun getting that “I get it now” expression from people.

My personal mission for my work at CBTech Support is to help small to medium sized businesses be able to do more by getting the fullest benefit from technology.

​​​Daniel Filippelli

Years of experience: over 17
Position: COO/Senior Engineer

My first job in the tech industry was in 2001, on a team who migrated Deutsche Bank's server infrastructure from Novell to Windows NT4.  

In 2004 I became Microsoft certified and held the IT Manager role, supporting the entire local infrastructure for an eCommerce company. 

To follow my goal of working with different network topologies, I joined a Managed Service Provider as the Director of IT. 

Soon I realized I wanted to offer these services to "my" clients but wanted to do it the "right" way, bringing my enterprise experience and standards to small businesses. That’s when CBTech Support was born.

My favorite part of working in CBTech Support is figuring out the challenges. I see technology as puzzle pieces. I enjoy taking a step back, reviewing all the pieces, and analyze the best and most efficient way to put the puzzle together. 

My favorite technology topic is how network packets traverse from the stroke of a key through the computer over a cable, passing by multiple switches, firewalls, and routers. I love sharing my knowledge about what network devices play what role in the transmission of data. 

From a very early age, my family raised me to help people. One day I witnessed someone struggling with getting their work done on a computer. When I saw a person sit down with that user and show them what they needed to do, I knew that's what I want to do. 

My personal mission for CBTech Support is to help and educate people who are not as comfortable with technology so they can do their jobs more efficiently.